Knock-off Central (1)

3 08 2008


So, often… we as beautiful women/consumers of luxury items find ourselves looking at items and wondering who in the hell would pay the asking price for that?! Well, fortunately, many of our popular stores have developed “knock-offs” to help us achieve that movie star look on a more sensible budget. Sometimes, even that lower price is ridiculous for my standards… but you know, hey, do you!

With that said, I present to you the first of this series Knockoff Central… make sure to come back for more if you’re ever interested in more of them.

Beyonce wore these um… interesting.. Balenciaga shoes at the AMA awards last year. Clocking in at a whopping $4, 175 a pair, its a wonder anyone would want these shoes. But alas… there must be a market for them seeing as though not one retail chain, but two have knock-off versions. In fact, while in Steve Madden recently, I asked the sales person if people really purchased the shoes. His response: “Girrrrrrrrrrrl, (yes he dragged it out like that), we can’t keep these shoes in stock! As soon as we put them out, people are jumping at the chance to buy them!”

Really?!? Well, I dont know… maybe it’s not for me, but hey, if you’ve been looking for them… here ya go!





 Steve Madden: $99.95, other colors available                                    




Barefeet Shoes: $69.99, other colors available





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