Rain on my Parade, NOT my shoes!!!*

31 07 2008


“Oh no! They’re wet! They’re soaking wet!!!!”


I walked onto the elevator, slid the hood of my coat off of my head, and looked down at my shoes. My once yellow mellow Diego Di Lucca “Ladonna” flats were now bluish-green from the rain and the grass I had to walk through to get to my apartment.


This was just the perfect ending to one of those really, really long days. Walking up and down the office, I was already worried that I was going to look down and see that the little miniature kitty heel on the shoe had worn all the way down. But somehow, someway, my shoes and I had made it through the day.


We’d faxed and filed papers, made important phone calls, sent out emails, attended meetings, and come outside to a brisk night sky that all of a sudden turned to a terror. Without any warning, the sky seemed to open up and all the rain ever created came pouring down onto my shoes and me.


When I got in the door, I rushed to the kitchen, grabbed oodles of paper towels and attempted to tap dry the babies, until my roommate walked in with a roaring laughter at the sight of a crazy woman who was soaking wet and only worrying about her shoes.


“Get up silly girl,” she said. “The shoes will dry on their own and look yellow in the morning.” Ahh yes, that’s true, I thought… in the bright morning sun, my shoes would coordinate with that flashing bulb in the sky and all would be well… unless that is, they looked more like the rainbow that comes after the rain. Eek!!! I went right back to towel drying until I was satisfied with the outcome.


* There’s a STRONG possibility that this story is not 100% accurate!




3 responses

31 07 2008
Country Club Barbie

For the record, I’d prefer if it didn’t rain at all 🙂

5 08 2008

so did the shoes recover?

6 08 2008

Barely… but they did. I suggest you dont wear yellow shoes when you think it’s going to rain… trust me, it’s not a pretty sight. Oh, and did I mention I had on blue jeans with the shoes??? Yeah. 😦

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