In Memoriam: Gold Wedge Heel

25 07 2008


Have you ever wanted to see someone in concert so badly, the thought of it made you want to do flips around your office? Well I did. That’s why on my birthday two years ago, my friends and I went to see my favorite rapper perform.


We get to the club, dressed in our flyest gear. I had on a blue and green flowy top that showed off my bra just enough to make it sexy, but still mysterious. And even though I sported some new Seven jeans, gold hoops and accessories from Aldo, the key element of my ensemble was my trusty Colin Stuart gold wedge heels from Victoria’s Secret. They were sexy, exuded feistiness, but were extremely comfortable.


Like Christian on Project Runway, I was fierce—so fierce. Eventually, the concert began and the crowd grew exponentially in a matter of seconds. My friends and I were standing directly in front of the barricades, so we assumed we would be okay. Boy, were we wrong!


Within minutes, a rowdy crowd of excited fans turned into a dangerous situation. I was being rocked to one side, then to the next, and suddenly my legs were being kicked accidentally and I was on the floor.


Being trampled is sooo not fun. But luckily, this cutie patootie guy, who will forever be my hero, picked me up off the ground and carried me away from the scene. I was so relieved and happy to be alive (and kind of mesmerized in his eyes); I barely noticed the glaring omission to my once pristine outfit. Once I looked down and realized my precious shoe was missing, I knew I would never look at this club in the same way. My key element was now lost to the crowd, forever gone away from me.


I still keep the one shoe with me. In memoriam: gold wedge heel.




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6 11 2008
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