Mardi Gras Tempstress

19 07 2008



Here’s a tip for anyone planning a party: never mix really good cocktails, petit fours, cute guys, and a wowser pair of purple 3 inch Aldo stilettos. It might just make for an embarrassing moment by the end of the night. 


Unfortunately, no one informed me of this critical rule. So, for Carnival this year, my roommate and I decided we would invite over some friends, decorate the place, hand out beads and masks, and make some of the best drinks you can think of. We had everything from Mardi Gras Magaritas to Puerto Rican Coquito to a pitcher of Pink Panty Pulldown that needed to be refilled at least 5 times throughout the night.  


The night was going well… people were entertaining themselves, mingling, dancing and basically enjoying life. All was well… and then he walked in. It was like one of those movie scenes where everyone in the background goes all blurry while the two main characters caught each other’s eyes and stared deeply. Well, at least that’s how it felt for me. I snapped out of it quickly though, invited him in, took his coat and introduced him to some of my friends to make him feel more comfortable.  


When he was ready to go, I decided I would walk him outside so we could talk a little more. Here’s how that conversation went. “I’m so jealous. You get to go home, while I have to go back up there to all those people,” I said. What was his reply? “Well, you can always stay down here with me for awhile.” Oh really?! Excited would be such an understatement at that point.


As we sat in his car and talked about music, I slowly slipped my heels off, revealing my firey red nail polish. You could tell he noticed and our conversation went from Donny Hathaway to what he had to do to get the beads I had on, which coincidentally had 6 big purple, green and gold lips on them. I knew at that moment he would kiss me, but when he actually did it… I don’t think I was quite ready. How else can you explain me coming up for air and saying, “Whew! Wow… I think I need to go back upstairs.” So much for playing it cool, right?   


More like sounding like I hadnt kissed someone in years like ol’ girl on Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married. Ewww… remind me never to mix that combination again!….


But he was a good kisser though 🙂




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